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Mounting as a Drive on Ubuntu (incl. University Accounts)

Deepak NadigDeepak Nadig

This is a quick How-to for mounting on Ubuntu as a network drive in your File Manager (Nautilus). university accounts offer unlimited storage space and that makes it an attractive cloud storage service.

Step 1: Create an External Password on

Start by logging into your account and navigate a Account Setting Create External Password. Create a new external password if you don’t already have one.

Step 2: Install davfs2

Since we will mount the Box account using WebDAV to mount a WebDAV resource as a regular file system, we will first install the davfs2 package on Ubuntu. Open a terminal and enter the following command:

[ecko_code_highlight language=”shell”]sudo apt-get install davfs2[/ecko_code_highlight]

After the package is downloaded and installing, you should see the following configuration screen; Choose Yes and continue to complete the installation.

davfs2 Configuration Setting

davfs2 Configuration Setting

If you missed the configuration step, you can bring back the configuration screen using the command:

[ecko_code_highlight language=”shell”]sudo dpkg-reconfigure davfs2[/ecko_code_highlight]

Step 3: Mount your account

Open the File Manager and got to FileConnect to Server…

Enter the Server Address as davs:// and click on Connect.

You should now input your Username and Password (Not the external password!). When you connect, you’ll be asked for another password, and now input your External Password created in Step 1. You should now see a mounted drive in your File Manager. Enjoy!

University Accounts:

If you have a University Account, while entering the Server Address, you can use davs:// and click on Connect. When asked for a Password, first input your University account password and then the External Password from Step 1.

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