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FALL 2021

Cloud Computing Infrastructure

Purdue Course Number

CNIT 48101-18/19



Course Content
Course Description

The purpose of this course is to provide students the knowledge and skills necessary to build, secure and use an effective and efficient cloud computing system. The course will have the following elements, including cloud-native architectures, cloud networking, virtualization, microservices and infrastructure as code (IaC). The course will cover capabilities and features necessary for cloud-native technologies and cloud application development/deployment based on the use of open source software and commodity hardware. The course will also include an overview of cloud- native computing foundation (CNCF) and Linux foundation projects, as well as commercial cloud offerings. Cloud configuration/management, virtual network management and monitoring, microservices, cloud-native application development/deployment and techniques for securing cloud infrastructures will be covered in the course. Virtualization and microservice approach to application development, deployment and scaling will be covered, and students will use these techniques for projects using both commercial and private cloud systems. Students will build and use a cloud computing system and deploy microservices as a part of the class and learn to apply DevOps concepts.

Selected Lecture Notes

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